Speed Addiction and Abuse in South Yorkshire South Yorkshire

Speed Explained By Drug Rehab South Yorkshire

Amphetamine Sulphate is classified as a Class B drug and is known as Speed in the streets. Other amphetamines also may be called speed.

Speed is an excitant and people use 'speed' to make them remain conscious, energised and active.

Other vital outcomes and dangers in using speed are

  • It makes introverts able to talk and socialize easily.
  • Among the reasons why people prefer to use speed is its ability to give them an extra boost of energy they need for extended physical activities.
  • Speed may also cause people to become delusional sometimes, because of the hyperactivity of the mind that makes the person hallucinate.
  • After the high, a long gradual comedown results that can lead to feelings of depression and irritability.
  • Speed exerts a pressure on the heart, so can lead to heart problems; in fact, some individuals have lost their life from excessive use of speed.

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Easily Identifiable Effects Of Speed Use In South Yorkshire

The user usually experiences a very high level of energy and on the flipside experiences moodiness and aggression when the effect is about to wear out.

Other effects of speed include

  • Speed makes people remain very conscious, active and tending to talk a lot.
  • Those who like to party for long hours find the energy they need for speed.
  • Loss of appetite (this sometimes find its way to diet pills due to this effect).
  • In worse scenarios, it makes a user aggressive and psychotic.

What Are The Dangers Of Using Speed In South Yorkshire ?

The use of speed does involve risks.

The following includes some of what the drug could do to you

  • In regard to the amount you have consumed, it can cause relaxing and sleeping problems.
  • After the effects would have subsided, the contrasting effect is very prohibitive that it slows down your ability to even learn and focus.
  • Speed exerts pressure on the heart, and therefore contraindicated for those with hypertension or any cardiac related condition; it has resulted in deaths of many due to high dosage.
  • Another certain way speed kills is when it is made as a cocktail with other anti-depressants or alcohol.
  • Speed will mess up your immune system if you take it in large quantities that result in you being unable to eat or sleep enough - your defence mechanism comes down, and you become vulnerable to colds, flu and throat infections, fear, dejection, testiness, violence and obsessiveness, mental sickness and hallucinations.
  • Injecting speed is extremely hazardous.
  • The method of absorbing the drug through this manner is predisposed to overdose.
  • Speed is often highly adulterated, so it's not only the amphetamine that enters into your circulatory system.
  • Injecting can also bring injuries to veins and arteries and may bring ulcers and even gangrene (that's when parts of the body begin to die).
  • Infections like Viral hepatitis and HIV / AIDS can be spread by patients using same needles, syringes or some other injecting tools.