Over The Counter Drugs Addiction and Abuse in South Yorkshire South Yorkshire

Knowledge Of Over The Counter Drugs

Over-the-counter medicines also known as pain relievers can cause an addiction. It may also be dangerous than those drugs down the road.

Drugs which you can purchase without showing a doctor's prescription are referred as OTC drugs.

If used in the correct doses, these drugs are usually safe. OTC drugs can also be abused, just like any other drugs. OTC drugs present a danger for creating a dependency, even though they are much milder than other drugs.

Health issues that include loss of memory, kidney failure, heart problems and even death can be caused by OTC drugs abuse.

Names of some OTC drugs that are frequently abused include

  • Cough medicine
  • Cold medicine
  • Motion sickness medication (Dimenhydrinate)
  • Painkillers (Acetaminophen)

Seek immediate help if you or someone you care about is having OTC drugs addiction.

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Otc Drug Misuse

There are different uses of every OTC drug. It can be used for treating mild pain, cough, cold, or even motion sickness. One of the main purposes of OTC drug abuse is to get a little peace or rest when one is experiencing anxiety issue or depression.

Consuming OTC drugs will give the users a euphoria and/or cause them to hallucinate. Drug abuse is the use of a drug for a purpose for which it wasn't intended. Somebody mishandling OTC medications may proceed onward to more risky or illegal medications looking for a superior high.

Cough Treatments Like Dextromethorphan Or Dxm

When abused, medicines used to treat coughs can create euphoria or induce a hallucinatory state. Easy accessibility to medicines used for treating cough is the number one reason why young people use them to get a high. Vomiting, increased heart rate, tremors, damaged vision and even brain damage can be caused by the abuse of these drugs. If you or somebody you think about is battling with a dependence on OTC medications like dextromethorphan, we can assist you discover management and provision.

Medicines Used For Treating Colds Like Pseudoephedrine

A sympathomimetic drug, pseudoephedrine is the chief ingredient in several medicines used for treating cold. This drug can cause euphoria or induce hallucinations which is why it is usually abused. Methamphetamine can also be made from Pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine abuse can lead to short breathing, increased blood pressure and heart rate, seizures and fainting.

Pills Used For Treating Motion Sickness Called Dimenhydrinate

Motion sickness and vertigo are treated with dimenhydrinate. In high measurements, the medication can bring about fantasies, ringing in the ears, sickness, sporadic pulse, seizures, sleep like state and even death. Dimenhydrinate has strong psychedelic characteristics and that's why it is abused.

Medication Used For Treating Pain Called Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen is the dynamic fixing in agony relievers like Tylenol. High dosages and long haul utilize can prompt to true medical issues, for example, irreversible liver damage. A person who has taken this drug may also experience stomach aches, sweating, running stomach and nausea. Acetaminophen's function is as a pain reliever. Numerous mishandle acetaminophen to treat chronic pain.

Addiction To Otc Medications

Use of OTC medicines to get a high can alter brain chemistry. At the end of the day, the human body will develop a tolerance to the OTC drugs after a while, and it will result in the users increasing the dose higher and higher in every use to get the same effects. Withdrawal symptoms occur when a person addicted to OTC drugs stop using them.

Usually, OTC drugs withdrawal side effects are

  • Disarray
  • Aggressiveness
  • Anxiousness
  • Mood swings

It's not easy to tell if a person is addicted to over the counter drugs. OTC drugs addicts show different signs of addiction, unlike the signs of addiction that you can find on illegal drug addict, such as Heroin addicts. It is easy for people to overlook abuse of OTC drugs because most people are unaware that these drugs can actually be addictive.

One of the main obvious sign of OTC drug addiction is when one keeps consuming the drugs and ignoring the risk. Another sign is when one spends a lot of time and money to get the drug. There are 11 general signs to recognize an addiction to any drug

Otc Drug Abuse Facts And Figures

Treatment For Otc Drug Dependency

A lot of treatment alternatives are available for those that have OTC drugs dependency. Some treatment methods that are known to work include group therapy, individual therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and other forms of mental counselling.

Those that are dealing with OTC drug dependency recovery can get all the necessary resources to become and remain clean with numerous inpatient and outpatient rehab plans. The chances of relapse significantly decrease when a drug abuser joins and complete a rehab program.

Get The Correct Help To Conquer Addiction

It may be a challenging experience but it's not impossible to get over addiction to over the counter drugs. Outpatient treatment programs work well for people who want to maintain certain aspects of their normal lives while inpatient programs are good for those who need round the clock care. To make it easier to stay drug free after rehabilitation, one can also join support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous.