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What Is Methadone

Methadone addiction pill Methadone is an synthetic opioid recommended for direct to serious aches. Methadone is ordinarily used to treat sedative addictions, particularly dependence on heroin.

Methadone though an addictive substance, is generally utilized as an approach to control yearnings for different sedatives.

By law it is classified as a Schedule II drug i.e. legal but addictive. Hydrocodone and morphine are also designated as scheduled II drugs.

Methadone affects the same opioid receptors from morphine and heroin to balance out patients and minimize withdrawal side effects on account of a habit.

Misuse Of Methadone

Just like any other prescription drug, Methadone is highly regulated. But it is an intense sedative with possibly addictive qualities. Methadone does not produce a state of elation similar to heroin or morphine and the drug is intended to do the inverse; the medication is planned to obstruct the sensations of happiness produced by different sedatives. Addicts that are looking to get high still use Methadone in spite of this fact.

It is widely regarded as misuse when Methadone is taken without a written authorization from a medical practitioner or the patient takes more than what has been authorized.

Those who have a prior problem with opiates, like heroin, are at an increased risk of forming a Methadone dependency when they start taking it to treat their dependency.

Addiction To Methadone

Methadone addiction is often overlooked and swept under the rug by the treatment physicians due to its valuable use in managing withdrawals. This is just an expected side-effect as any opium-based medical prescription.

Though it doesn't give the euphoric high, it offers relief from unpleasant sensations. Over a time people develop a resistance to the drug, a greater amount of the medication is required for a similar impact.

Methadone And Other Substances

Just like alcohol, Methadone can cause negative reactions with other substances in the body, since it decreases the body's vital and functional operations. A number of people who are struggling with Methadone addiction also fall within the category of alcoholics. This is a combination which can be called potentially deadly because the two have the capability of causing dangerously low hypotension and respiratory depression.

The use of Methadone with other herb or drugs is highly prohibited by doctors. You should seek assistance today if you or a loved one is suffering from Methadone addiction.

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Methadone Abuse Statistics

The fatalities involved because of Methadone abuse increased from 792 to 5420 between the years 1999 and 2006 and it is assumed the increased use of the drugs as a painkiller is a reason for the higher numbers being noticed.

More than seven hundred thousand prescriptions of Methadone for pain relief were written in 2008.

In 2000 and 2001, individuals treated for abuse of "different sedatives" (concluding Methadone) has gone up from 28,235 to 36,265.

Methadone accounts for approximately 33% of opiate pain reliever related overdose deaths.

Fighting Your Methadone Addiction

Methadone, similar to some other sedative is extremely difficult to stop. It can be an uphill battle trying to quit Methadone without any assistance due to the sheer unpleasantness of the side effects, since it is well-known for being as potent as heroin. Pick up your phone and contact us on 0800 772 3971 so we can help you on your road to recovery from Methadone abuse.