Heroin Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in South Yorkshire South Yorkshire

The Signs Of Heroin Use

The most dangerous of any drug are the side effect of heroin addiction. You can save someone's life by being aware of the symptoms of heroin abuse.

One of the most addictive drugs available is Heroin Many people using heroin eventually find themselves unable to feel normal without it but no one intends on becoming addicted to it.

Many addicts excel in concealing their addiction and it can prove complicated to identify a heroin user. It's uncommon for new heroin addicts to inoculate the drug as needle or "track" signs are an obvious proof.

Some of the tell tale signs of heroin abuse include

  • Red and swollen eyes
  • Restricted "pinpoint" pupils
  • Unprecedented loss of weight
  • They many suddenly become secretive
  • A change in ones appearance
  • Demotivation
  • Frequently nodding off and extreme drowsiness
  • They may suddenly be constantly borrowing money

The Dangers Of Heroin

Heroin and its habit-forming characteristic is why many people consider it a risky drug. There also exists some short term and long term effects of this drug, besides the indirect risks that could pose a danger to someone's life.

The risk of being infected with viruses such as hepatitis or HIV is greater among heroin users.

Since the drug is often injected using shared needles, users expose themselves to infection from blood-borne viruses. Additionally, risky sexual behaviour predisposes heroin users to STI and STD infections. Expecting mothers incur in a big chance of miscarriage.

Increased risk of attempting suicide for people who are addicted to heroin. Overdosing is a way self-murder occurs. There is a much higher risk of suicide in people who are dependent on heroin in case they had other previous mental health problems such as depression and bipolar disorder.

Trying to kill oneself can be a direct consequence with the unhappiness that originates from removal. You should contact us now for assistance if you or you loved one is fighting with a heroin problem.

Heroin dependency can also cause other symptoms such as

  • Depressed
  • Scared
  • Incessant itchiness
  • Constipated
  • Asthmatic symptoms
  • Having a dry mouth
  • Slurry Speech
  • Having collapsed veins
  • Squeamishness and Vomiting

With time, heroin's consequences take a higher toll. A person that uses heroin for a long period ends up weakening his/her immune systems and destroys their internal organs. Getting diseases that are communicable and noncommunicable becomes much easier too. It can also lead to heart, lung, and liver disease when someone prolonged heroin abuse.

There is a high risk of fatal overdose because heroin suppresses breathing and heart rates. An overdose that is non-fatal will easily lead to the patient going into a coma or developing irreversible brain damage.

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Recognizing A Heroin Addiction

Experimenting with heroin can quickly lead to addiction due to its physically and psychologically addictive qualities. 11 signs that are indicative of an addiction to heroin is outlined by Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. These includes using heroin despite knowing the negative consequence, using it more than intended, and developing a tolerance to it. The severity of the addiction is characterized by the number of symptoms that can be seen in the addict.

There are very many people who seek out treatment for heroin annually and there are various options in terms of treatment that users can try.

Trying heroin can easily cause dependence because it has physically and psychologically addictive effects.

Intervention For A Heroin Problem

Heroin addicted people are ready to seek treatment for their problem. Some heroin addicts initially don't consider their dependence an issue, therefore hesitate to seek treatment. Some usually give up especially if their addiction is serious and they've already tried unsuccessfully to quit on various occasions. Setting up an intervention may be motivation for a person to seek help.

Removal And Curing

Physical dependence stemming from abuse of heroine results in addiction. The key indicators that one is a heroin addict is when a person experiences withdrawal symptoms and needs more heroin to get intoxicated.

Withdrawal symptoms for heroin addiction can cause severe physical pain and sometimes occur as quickly as within two hours of the last use, unlike drug that doesn't cause physical dependence. Giving up heroin also has various psychological challenges.

Depression, muscle soaring, and cold sweats are a few of the side effects of heroin removal.

It usually takes a week for the symptoms to start residing after which it can take several months before completely disappearing. The best and safest way of managing heroin withdrawal symptoms is through the intervention of a professional medical centre. A person seeking help form a treatment centre will also get support and therapy in a safe and opulent environment. Heroin dependence can now be cured at a rehab clinic close to you.