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Addicts Of Demerol

Demerol is a type of opioid drug, in-likeness to Morphine. Even at a recommended dosage intake, Demerol still has the power to be a powerfully addictive drug.

Numerous people do not understand they can form an addiction to Demerol, as with most prescription drugs. Frequent use of this drug can result in a person developing tolerance toward it as well as high dependence.

Having a necessity to take the drug to feel normal is the stage where Demerol abuse turns physically addictive modifying the abuser's brain.

Drug craving conduct is observed in people who grow a Demerol dependence.

An addict can improvise different ways to get more prescription drugs through lies of losing prescriptions or presenting cases of self-inflicted injuries at the emergency room service to solicit the drug. A user may also hop from one doctor to another to get the drug prescription.

Other actions an addicted Demerol user might do are

  • Become isolated from friends and family
  • Despite the issues it's causing, be persistent in consuming Demerol
  • Spend a large amount of money on the drug or even steal
  • Ignore work, friends and relationships

Users frequently have a difficult time quitting the drug - even if they really want to, once a Demerol addiction has advanced. If you're addicted to Demerol, withdrawal signs for instance, uncertainty and disgust, present huge challenges to overcome. In an effort to feel better, this leads numerous people to relapse.

Getting effectively clean is possible through a therapy programme that provides medical withdrawal from Demerol. Contact us today for assistance in finding a suitable programme for you

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Understanding Demerol (Meperidine)

Meperidine is the active painkiller ingredient in Demerol. The effects of taking Demerol in an attempt to reduce pain can cause similar symptoms that occur in Morphine or Oxycodone users.

Demerol is categorized under schedule II controlled substance of the Controlled Substances Act for prescription and therefore, restricted by this set standard. It is bought on the streets under the names "dillies," "D" or "dust" by some people who abuse Demerol.

It is very rare for Demerol prescriptions to be made outside of a medical facility.

Demerol can be found in liquid or tablet state. 50mg and 100 mg are the quantities the white and circular tablets contain. It is also available as an injectable liquid or syrup, and the injectable is administered by a medical professional. Demerol tablets and syrup once recommended by the doctors are taken by mouth.

Effects And Abuse Of Demerol

Demerol addiction usually begins with users unaware of the sedative being a potential habit-forming drug. Once resilience to the drug is built, many people begin assuming bigger quantities of the substance initially given for pain. In due course, they're hooked which means that they form a physical dependence on the drug, which is frequently followed by a psychological dependence.

Illegal use of Demerol is when it is used without medical or prescribed acceptance.

When one uses Demerol in high frequency and doses over long periods, then such a person is in fact a drug abuser. Some people overuse Demerol tablets meant to be taken by mouth, as follows

  • Chewing the tablets
  • Making a powder and snorting it
  • Dissolving in water for injection

it's painkilling characteristics are increased by abusing Demerol in these methods. The user will find themselves with a powerful "rush" then after, extended sedative effects. This fast evolution from a high to relaxation is what makes users get hooked to Demerol.

Abuse to Demerol can be fatal, and can lead to people overdosing. Drug overdose is the main cause of low self-esteem and deadly malfunction of the respiratory system. Other side effects that show in Demerol overdose are

  • Excessive sleepiness
  • Dazed sensation
  • No strength in the muscles
  • Hypothermia
  • Cold, clammy skin
  • Coma

If you suspect a Demerol overdose, seek medical attention urgently.

Drug Combinations Commonly Used

Demerol is categorized as a highly active drug and should not be used in combination with any other CNS depressants. When Demerol is used together with other CNS depressants, it may have catastrophic results including overdose, extreme sedation, and fatality.

Also dangerous is mixing stimulants with Demerol, as this will cause a set of chemicals in the body that will be working against each other. The stimulant may overpower the strength of Demerol or the same for the other way. This can result in the excessive use of the drug in an effort to amplify it's effects, pushing the abuser close to an overdose. "Speed balling," is the term for the combination of stimulants and tranquilizers.

Abuse Statistics Of Demerol

You are not alone, if you or a friend or family member is struggling with Demerol addiction. You can choose to join the millions of former addicts who have overcome their dependence on Demerol. Call our addiction specialists now and benefit from a suitable recovery programme that is tailor made to suit your preferred situation.