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Why Does Someone Go Through Withdrawal After Quitting Cocaine

A detox can assist those suffering from the mental side effects that result from quitting Cocaine to better manage them.

Why Does Someone Go Through Withdrawal After Quitting Cocaine

Cocaine affects people by giving them a high amount of pleasure, it works by increasing high levels of dopamine in the brain, thus sending the users into a euphoric state which gives them a lot of pleasure. The user gets used to the feelings of happiness produced by the substance when Cocaine is abused for an extended time span. The Cocaine abusers system soon develops dependency to the drug to produce the levels of the hormone in order just to feel happy or normal. The sudden removal of the regular intake causes the system to produce both psychological and physiological symptoms. The symptoms are hard to overcome and very painful especially mentally, so many Cocaine addicts keep on taking the drug to avoid these symptoms.

How often you use the drug will determine how the side effects of stopping its use will be on your body.

The Symptoms Of Cocaine Withdrawal

The euphoric effect lasts only for a short moment, after this the users will have the withdrawal symptoms this keeps them going back to the drug. Withdrawal symptoms are torturing to users, many of them continue increasing the dose of drug to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. They put themselves at risk of a life-threatening overdose when they do this.

How Long The Side Effects Of Quitting Cocaine Last

The desire to kill oneself is one of the risky effects of withdrawal and also going into a state of despair. Moments within quitting Cocaine is when the side effects manifest themselves. The first month of withdrawal is when the symptoms become really unbearable. Withdrawal symptoms lasts for a long time, it can last for months after the last use. Withdrawal symptoms are hard to overcome, therefore it is very difficult for users to quit Cocaine.

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The following are the side effects that are normally associated with quitting Cocaine

  • Desire to eat increases
  • Disturbance
  • Nervousness
  • Stress
  • Unsettled Behaviour
  • Homicidal thoughts
  • Unhappiness
  • Nightmares

The Timeline Of Quitting Cocaine

When the abuse of Cocaine stops withdrawal side effects occur instantly. Addicts will feel extreme hunger, anxiety, irritation and tiredness. The desire for Cocaine during this time actually decreases.

The severe urges emerge severely after this period. Users will feel extremely tired, but they will have trouble sleeping. Melancholic mood changes and graphic nightmares are pretty usual.

They continue to have a low mental disposition, while also feeling a strong urge to use. It is usually hard for addicts to calm down at this stage and they start losing their focus. Nervousness and a 'hot temper' are also experienced.

Withdrawal side effects start to fade and body and mind start to recover. However, it should be noted that the desire to use Cocaine can still occur. Sometimes, nervousness and anxiety can also come back.

Detoxification And Treatment

All recovery programs demand a hard work ethic and commitment, but supervised detox can help Cocaine users to quit their addiction by offering a secure environment. Every Cocaine addict needs different treatment, some of them might not need full-time medical attention while trying to quit. One of the most effective ways to help the addict is by outpatient detox it takes less time and is still effective. In the outpatient setup, the patient is required to visit the rehab facility up to 12 hours per week. During rehabilitation of Cocaine addicts, doctors and advisers come to their premises to execute mental and physical examinations.

Discover the advantages and benefits of inpatient and outpatient rehab today.

Cocaine Addiction And Therapy

Despair and the constant need of Cocaine are some of the withdrawal side effects that are challenging to overcome.

Unfortunately, the side effects of stopping the use of Cocaine cannot be eliminated by medicinal means. What has led to many users successfully quitting Cocaine is behavioural therapy and support groups.

Narcotics Anonymous and other 12-step groups can provide psychological support and former users for rehabilitating addicts.

Withdrawing from Cocaine can also be easier with individual and group counselling. A favoured counselling method, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), is used to help addicts.

There is help available to overcome Cocaine addiction. For information and advice on Cocaine detoxing and other forms of treatment available, contact us now.