Cocaine Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in South Yorkshire South Yorkshire

Signs Of Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine dependence is an uphill battle to recovery. Awareness of how to spot an addict is key to reaching out and helping them win the war and break the addiction.

Getting hooked to cocaine is very easy. It often happens quickly and silently.

If users keep on consuming drugs regularly, it may also harm their mental health. Users may feel depressed and have violent behaviour and it gives a very bad effect to the nasal cavity as well. Acting on a case sooner makes the difference in saving your loved one from the perils of Cocaine abuse.

There may be some closest people around you who are struggling with Cocaine addiction right now and by knowing the symptoms of the addiction, you can immediately help them.

Cocaine Addiction And Its Risks

Cocaine is a very dangerous substance and put the whole of one's body into high risk and it is destructive to every organ and can be deadly. From brain damage to overdose, Cocaine abuse has a lot of short- and long-lasting negative effects associated with it. Hypertension is also a risk because Cocaine use restricts blood movement through the vessels.

These are the signs you can see on Cocaine addicts

  • Pupils that are dilated
  • keeps you awake
  • Appetite loss
  • Extreme confidence
  • High state of euphoria
  • Thoughts of Paranoia
  • Damaged nose that often runs

The nose and nasal cavity rare damaged due to the constant inhalation of cocaine. Around 30 minutes will Cocaine effects last, which is a lot less in comparison with other substances, but those effects kick in fast. The effects of cocaine are directly proportional to the amount taken.

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The larger the amount, the greater the danger it poses. Taken in large dosage, it can cause erratic and violent disposition, seizure or death.

The negative effects of cocaine are quantified. Cocaine can influence someone's work life as well and the craving for Cocaine will destroy their focus at work or even in their interpersonal relationships.

Other consequences of cocaine abuse are

The longer Cocaine is consumed, the more severe the effect would be and the amount and frequency of Cocaine consumption decides the long term effects of the substance in the body. Vital organs such as the heart, brain, stomach and intestine can also become damaged as time goes by.

  • Banging Head
  • High blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Inability to sleep
  • Comatose
  • shivers
  • Disorientation
  • Sweating
  • Seizures

Abuse and dependency of cocaine are two separate entities. Some Cocaine users are able to stop without any help, even though Cocaine abuse has instant dangerous side effects. On the other hand, Cocaine dependency is a lot more complicated.

Confronting The Cocaine User

Once you recognize the Cocaine addiction symptoms, the very next step is to get help right away so do not delay in getting help because the effect of Cocaine just gets worse over the time. Denial or refusal of therapy will often occur among addicts.

The best way to make the addicts realize their addiction is by setting up an intervention.

Conducting them in a safe and supportive atmosphere is how interventions can be the successful. Ensure that the focus is on the benefits of getting help to the patient and not how they have done wrong.

Withdrawal From Cocaine Treatment And Next Steps

Dopamine is released through the use of Cocaine, which is the neurochemical that causes feelings of euphoria in the brain. Under the influence of cocaine, natural hormones are released by the brain. Addicts need Cocaine just to feel happy again because of this.

Withdrawal usually take its toll on the psychological aspect of the user causing them to suffer depression and/or fatigue in the process.

It is possible to achieve freedom from Cocaine dependency without the usual medical detoxification while being safe. Professional treatment or rehabilitation however, increases the chances of effectively beating the addiction. There are treatment procedures that prove to be very effective in battling cravings and achieving sobriety. Learn more in treating Cocaine abuse.