Adderall Addiction and Abuse in South Yorkshire South Yorkshire

Addicted To Adderall

In the United States, the misuse of Adderall has become a cause for concern. A good percentage of the substance's habitual users are high school and college pupils.

Its effects are very close to the ones that are offered by Cocaine or prescription stimulants. There is a high risk of addiction for people regularly taking Adderall at unprescribed doses.

Treatment and outpatient rehab are some of the possibilities eligible for curing this dependence. If you are addicted to Adderall call us on 0800 772 3971, look for treatment now.

Extended intake of this drug establishes a tolerance in the user making him/her dependent on the drug to feel normal or even function with regular routines.

Adderall causes the Dopamine levels in the brain to rise. A positive effect is created by Dopamine, the body's " feel good" chemical. Adderall makes the body secrete abnormal big quantities of Dopamine, very far from the regular levels. This is what makes many users use more of the drug.

Dependency on Adderall is due to stimulation of alertness and productivity in the brain of an addicted person. But at the opposite, fatigue and incapacity to focus are present when the Adderall have not been taken. These two point towards an addiction since they are symptoms of withdrawal. Common signs of an Adderall addiction include

  • To experience a impact of the drug, the user requires bigger amounts of it.
  • Knowing the drug is harmful and still proceeding to use it
  • Needing Adderall to work on any task
  • Buying Adderall uses much of the income of the user
  • Needing the drug to keep the alert

Getting addicted to Adderall isn't always a conscious decision. Being more productive at work or the need to be ready for an exam are two most common reasons to start taking Adderall. In other cases, patients attempt to replicate the symptoms of ADHD to get prescriptions for Adderall just for kicks.

When they start putting the consumption of Adderall in a first place, is when the user have become an addict.

Adderall dependence is not easy to overcome due to the strong removal side-effects. Some people think that they can't take these symptoms. It is easier to give up the drug by looking for a therapist or a clinic.

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Knowledge Of Adderall

Adderall is an amphetamine that interacts with the central nervous system of the patient. Since developing an addiction is quite possible, Adderall is a schedule ii controlled substance.

Narcolepsy and ADHD are cured with Adderall. It has different effects for both disorders, those with narcolepsy feel less fatigue thanks to Adderall, but patients with ADHD have reported the opposite effect.

Doses of Adderall range from 5mg to 30 mg and are available in form of tablets. Crushing and snorting of Adderall isn't uncommon in people trying to feel the effects faster.

Adderall has become known in the streets by so many names like Addys, speed, uppers and pep pills.

Adderall Misuse Effects

Since it is prescribed by physicians, numerous people incorrectly think Adderall is "safe". But the true is that the dependency on Adderall is hard to leave and the side effects thanks to consuming it for a long time are very damaging. Since it produces feelings of confidence, euphoria, increased concentration and a suppressed appetite, that's why people abuse Adderall. That is why many people who need to improve their performance choose to consume Adderall.

Adderall intake beyond the doctor's prescription is qualified as abuse. Looking for a better high with big amounts of Adderall or snorting it is also seen as abuse.

Adderall is being abused for other reasons such as

  • Loss of weight
  • Increased Performance when studying
  • Athletic performance
  • For recreation purposes
  • Staying awake

People have a tendency to link Adderall abuse with high school and college students, but older people also take the drug. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in fact claims that most cases of Adderall addiction occur in people who started taking the drug in their early 20s.

People Who Misuse Adderall

  • Professionals and students
  • Pupils and workers who have additional burdens in the classroom or in the office find abusing Adderall capacity of enhancing attention and reducing sleepiness.
  • A remarkable population of those abusing Adderall is made up by college students in particular.
  • Athletes
  • While working out or in an official match, sport players may overuse Adderall to eliminate tiredness and improve performance.
  • There was an unprecedented suspension of NFL players back in 2012 due to Adderall use.
  • People with eating disorders
  • Since Adderall decreases appetite, people dealing with eating disorders may abuse Adderall.
  • When people with both addiction and eating disorder are treated, they are rehabilitated or both issues.

Other effects of Adderall are not only health-related but can also be linked to fatal overdose. Indications of Adderall overuse are

  • Chest pains
  • Nausea or sickness
  • Rapid respiratory rate
  • Spams
  • Blackouts
  • Elevated temperature

Typical Drug Mixtures That Include Adderall

Adderall is mixed with other substances for different motives. Experimenting harder effects is the reasons of some user to do it. If Adderall keeps the user awake, some people might choose to take another substance to relax and sleep. But thanks to this, the dangers of having a lethal overdose become higher, the reason to do it have not any relevance.

Adderall represents the reason for 67% of the people who went to an emergency during 2009.

Some drugs popularly added with Adderall are

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana

People who take Adderall are at an increased risk of alcohol poisoning. Serious intoxication may go unnoticed due to the alertness brought on by the use of Adderall. They don't recognize that they are so intoxicated ending up with ingesting more alcohol.

Alcohol, Cocaine, and marijuana are easier to consume to those students who takes Adderall according to with some students.

Facts And Figures Of Adderall Misuse

Dependence is harder to tackle if Adderall has been used for long time. Quitting it alone is difficult because of the symptoms that this action produces on the addicts.